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Little Nog wants the gravy train to continue

Little Nog must have bought into the same hype as Entrepreneur magazine. Here’s his assessment of Affliction’s chances of surviving:

“A promotion that has Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya as an associate, and that might be making ties with HBO television, it is far from collapsing. Affliction has one of the richest men in the world and with a super cable network like HBO, it won’t finish.  That’s a lie. The event will still last a long time,” he says.

Even if HBO was really on board and even if Oscar De La Hoya and Donald Trump were involved in more than name only, it still couldn’t save Affliction. They fucked themselves over the second they put pen to paper and signed off on a whole slew of insane paydays for … well, everyone. That includes a quarter of a million dollars they paid for the smaller Nog to face Edwin Dewees and Vladimir Matyushenko, which were both prelim fights.