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Listen In To Conor McGregor’s Fight Club Q&A

ufc 179

UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor hosted a live Fight Club Q&A session from Brazil for UFC 179 today.

The event got out of hand once Brazilian fans starting asking the questions, including one asking McGregor if his father was a “transgender prostitute.” “Notorious” handled the the situation pretty good, and you can see a replay of the 18-minute session below:

  • robthom says:

    I might get into McGregor later.
    After he proves something.
    I dont necessarily have anything against him except that his shtick is stupid.

    The rondy rousy/dana white style smart mouth twitter shtick isn’t what I watch MMA for.

  • robthom says:

    Oh my gosh!
    Was that Mister Wonderfuls huge junk @ the weigh-in?!
    Was he mildly aroused?

    Thing about Black guys,
    if he never wins the UFC championship,
    they’re still luckier then everybody else.

  • TruthMoment says:

    This dude McGregor is kinda funny.
    Not terribly caring for the teachers pet shtick.