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Lil Nog vs. ‘Banha’ Cane at UFC 105 (Updated)

This is officially getting weird. First I hit the nail on the head with the Hendo vs. Marquardt booking, and then the UFC goes ahead and books Rogerio vs. Luis Cane, a fight which I said should happen about a week ago. Either I’m getting lucky or Joe Silva is getting really goddamn lazy by getting his booking decisions from a guy who still sleeps wearing feety pajamas. If I write a post about how Anderson Silva should fight a group of angry dwarves armed with police batons and sledgehammers, and the UFC decides to book it, then we’ll know what’s up.

Here’s the news from Sherdog via Bloody Elbow:

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira is set make his Octagon debut against Luis Arthur Cane in a light heavyweight bout at UFC 105 on Nov. 14 in Manchester, England, according to multiple sources close to the negotiations. Sources said the Brazilian pair have verbally agreed to the bout and are awaiting written agreements.

This is a big test for both guys. This is officially the toughest fight of Cane’s career (sorry Sokodjou) and it’s Lil Nog’s highest ranked opponent in years. The winner of this one will find themselves near the top of the 205 pound ladder while the loser will be another name among many in one of the sport’s most talent-rich divisions.

As for an early prediction, I’m going to go ahead and pick Lil Nog via decision. Yeah, I said it. Don’t kid yourself though — this one could go either way. Cane has dynamite in his hands and shows an improved skillset every time out. Basically I’m telling all of you degenerate gamblers out there that it is officially not a good idea to put money on this one.

Update: Sherdog is now saying these two will meet at UFC 106, instead of 105. This sounds strange to me as 105 could have used such a solid bout between two ranked fighters on its main card whereas 106 is already looking absolutely stacked. But what do I know. I’m about to spend my day playing video games in my underwear while Dana White and Joe Silva count stacks of money. They seem to know what they’re doing.