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The lightweight ‘contenders’

Bloody Elbow goes over the current contender list for BJ Penn and it’s downright depressing:

  • Kenny Florian
  • Gray Maynard
  • Frankie Edgar
  • Diego Sanchez
  • Sean Sherk

The general gist of last night’s main event was that Maynard was next in line if he got past Nate Diaz. But the fight was an abortion – I’ve never seen so much punching doing so little – and Maynard walked away with his sixth decision (and second split decision) in a row. It was not the kind of strong, gutsy win that makes anyone very excited about the prospect of him fighting BJ Penn … unless of course you’re just looking forward to seeing someone beat Gray Maynard up.

Next in line is Frankie Edgar, another guy who’s arsenal is largely missing any finishing ability. On top of that, he’s got a loss to Maynard and even less of a chance of challenging Penn. But at least with Edgar we have a better chance of seeing an entertaining loss to Penn rather than Maynard’s standard boring schtick.

Everyone else on the list is just no good, and there’s not even any Dan Hardy type guys you can pluck from the upper lower ranks to throw in. Simple fact is Maynard is the #1 contender now whether we like it or not and it’s probably best that we get his title shot out of the way now while BJ is still at 155, otherwise we might end up with a more boring champion than Sean Sherk.