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Liddell hates Pride fans

Turns out all the animosity that Chuck felt going into the fight with Wanderlei Silva wasn’t towards Wand himself, but rather jackhole Pride fans:

“I never had anything against Wanderlei, but it was those Pride fans who got me,” Liddell said. “They’re getting on me about not fighting the guy. I’m like, ‘I’m in UFC and he’s in Pride. What do you want me to do?’ I would have fought him in a backyard if I could have.”

I wouldn’t have minded that, especially if a backyard fight meant going until one of them was done. Dana White said he made the Hughes/St Pierre fight an interim fight and therefore 5 rounds because he didn’t want to see it go to a 3 round decision. Well, it’s too bad he couldn’t do the same with this fight, because while it was a great match regardless and everyone saw the writing on the wall for Wanderlei, I would have loved to see this one go another 10 minutes (if it would have).

So how great was this fight? It’s another fight that was carried by the anticipation and connections we brought into the fight with us. Just like Couture/Sylvia wasn’t that exciting if you removed it’s context, the same could be said for this fight. Chuck and Wand felt eachother out for half of the first two rounds. It reminded me of a stripper taking her time removing her top in the champaigne room. Goddamn it bitch, just take your clothes off and stick your clam in my face already! When strip club songs last all of three minutes, there’s no time for foreplay or feeling out!

Unlike most people, I’m not gonna say either fighter is anywhere close to being done. Chuck and Wand probably have a good 2-3 years left in the UFC, and I don’t doubt that we could be seeing them face off again in that time. Let’s just hope there’s a belt on the line so it lasts longer.

  • beewheezy says:

    im still so confused, maybe all of that snorkel training will be useful when he’s trying to not drown in a sea of dissapointment.

    ahhh i’m just fucking with you wandy

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    I watched the fights at a bar right next to a strip club. Bad for the wallet, good for the soul and cock…

    I thought it was a great fight. It had me on my feet the entire time. I was surprised at how small Silva looked.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Silva- Liddell was awesome and Liddell is pussy for going for that shot instead standing with Silva until the end. Silva was prepared for glory, but Chuck was too pussy to dine in hell.

  • Kalak says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Liddell/Silva was a dud?

    Silva didn´t bring it. Period.

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    I think he brought it. He was just outmatched. Plus he didn’t fight in his usual man briefs and I think that really affected him mentally. Its like a manscaped arlovski…just not the same.

  • Frank Costello says:

    Who’s Silva going to fight next? Tito? It can’t be Jardine or Forrest, so…

  • Wu Tang says:

    Mobb, that is awesome what you wrote! Very poetic about this match!!! Chuck needed this win, Silva did also, but not to the extent like Chuck. Good fight, seeing both getting clocked had my heart pounding, with my laptop warming my crotch…. Good fight, wish someone would have gotten knocked. Chuck’s chin is still suspect, he did get hit a few times, but not in the combos we see wandy do in pride. Wandy didnt push the pace, he had lots of oppurtunity, but he didnt. He was scared, or tentitive. he needs Chute Boxes skills, and just go out and brawl, instead of fighitng with his head. he barley moved his head in the fight. Arms up thats it. Thinking wastes energy, by the third round hewas gassed…. Must be roids or the pressure of UFC or Randy… Eitherway, i hope Silva has a good brain in his corner that he can learn from, because i doubt that silva is going to use his neanderthalenis brain to try to improve his game… FUCK SiLVA barely moved his head much of the time, he only moved during the one two punch chuck did… FUCKEN GAY!!! Silva needs to box vs good guys who are loopers… Gay..

  • Tom says:

    Wu Tang you post like a fucking 10-year old. Who the fuck are you to insult a fighter you jackass. Either you have an extra chromosome or you’re still going through puberty.

  • josh says:

    i think the fact that the fight took place in the cage is what effected wanderlei’s win. if you watch his fights, he usually corners people.. and there is no way to do that in the cage.
    i also agree that he wasnt as explosive as he usually is, and i am very upset at chuck liddell for the takedown at the end where he proceeded to just hold wanderlei down.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Silva looked small, and Chuck looked focused. Good fight.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Hey Tom, read my other posts you retard. And welcome to this great kiddy site where the operators made 2boys one cup. And go fuck yourself 😛