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Liddell asks Filho for help

In a move that hopefully signals the fact that Chuck Liddell is diversifying his training a bit, he recently put a request through to train with WEC Middleweight champion Paulo Filho. Why Filho? I’m not too sure … the only relation I can see is that Filho used to absolutely hate Chute Boxe, Wanderlei’s old team:

In the BTT locker-room Paulo Filho answered: ‘I hate Chute Boxe, they don’t respect anybody. I really hope someone gets hurt in this tournament in Acacio’s side, so I can get in and beat him badly. Actually I would fight anyone from Chute Boxe no matter the weight category. I’ll shut their mouths’ said Filho, declaring war on Chute Boxe.

So perhaps Chuck’s hoping to dig up some dirt on Chute Boxe weaknesses or something. Let’s just hope he sorts out how to block leg kicks while he’s at it.

  • frickshun says:

    Like Hughes, I think Liddell has become so damn complacent collecting checks that he stopped pushing his skill level several fights ago. This move may signal that he cares about winning again. He has become so irrelevant so fast that for the 1st time to my knowledge, he’s telling Hackelman, “NO, we actually do need to train outside of your camp built around my career”.

  • Frickshun:
    I agree. Liddell’s skills were dominant over non-strikers. I believe that the ‘play by ear’ choice selection and take care of our favorites ideology used by the UFC actually did Liddell a disservice. (As well as a string of bad luck.)

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Nicely put frickshun.

  • Audacity says:

    Maybe Chuck, who has excellent kickboxing and wrestling skills, is now looking to add to his arsenal the finishing power of jiu-jitsu. Paulo Filho is one of the only two men alive that is able to armbar God (the other being Fedor).

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    Chuck had better worry about his striking and hope Wanderlei starts flailing around in that way that leads to him getting caught. If Wandy comes out like he did in his firs fight with Crocop, he’ll retire Chuck. Oh and chuck had better shape up in the gym ’cause Wandy looks like a goddamn gorilla.