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Let’s put the brakes on the Struve hype train, a’ight?

So I’m going through all the MMA sites this morning to catch up on what I missed out on yesterday because the UFC puts cards on a shitty channel no one gets, and the main thing that catches my eye is a few of those sites are beginning an argument over whether or not Stefan Struve burst into the Top 5 with his TKO victory against Stipe Miocic.

Let’s all just slow our mutha fuckin’ roll, ok. Struve is a damn good fighter, and he has great potential, but he’s never even beaten a Top 10 heavyweight, Miocic included. How the hell can he be Top 5? Struve is 9-3 in the UFC, and riding an impressive four fight win streak against very solid competition, but his victories (Lavar Johnson, Pat Barry, Dave Herman, et al) put him at the #9 or 10 rung of the rankings. Top 5 is for the elite, those proven in battle against TOP competition. And Struve has yet to prove he can beat the best guys.

The good news is the dude is only 24 and is beginning to fill out his 6-11 frame. Whereas Struve used to look like just a long-ass 2×4 with ears and a sunburn, he’s starting to resemble a fledgling tree. And his kill or be killed style (in 30 professional fights, win or lose, the man has only gone to decision once) has endeared him to fans, and put five Fight Night bonus checks in his pocket. He may very well reach Top 5 status in the future, especially if he ever learns to utilize his disgusting reach as Jon Jones does. But until then, let’s forgo sensationalism for realism. Struve is just not there yet.