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Let’s Create some Hype, People!

A significant portion of our readers are also fans of “The Low Blow”, our flagship radio show. And if you are a fan, you may have heard that this weekend, we’ll be doing a live show on Saturday, via streaming. Considering both of us are borderline retarded when it comes to technology, this thing will either be the most awesome show in the history of MMA, or it’ll tap out faster than Bo Cantrell (too soon?). Either way, every single reader absolutely needs to tune in and listen, since we’ll be doing the show right after UFC 78!

So, since we’re busy setting up everything to be hunky dory, we want everyone who listens to the show to start hyping it up. That’s right: your solemn duty is to lie, exaggerate, and do everything possible to get everyone to listen in. Tell your girlfriend that Oprah will be on, or your non MMA friends that hot, sexy naked women will be fucking on the show, live. Hey, it worked for Howard Stern, no?

So now you know what to do. What the fuck are you sitting there just reading this then? Get to it Jackals!

  • Prozac For All says:

    Fake headlines and rumors on the internets is the way to go. Make up some audacious stories that only FL will have the inside scoop and video footage on. Who gives a shit if they’re absolute lies. Look at the sheer comment volume that your Fedor story generated. Buzz = traffic!

    – Stephen Quadros grapples with Dean Cain naked live on the air at

    – Jenna Jameson chews a telephone poll, from the top down, with her insatiable toothy beaver

    – Bob Sapp and Gleison Tibau get wrapped up in a bizarre love triangle that is missing 1 side

    – Josh “THE PEOPLE’s WARRIOR” Burkman dies in a tragic ringside rhinoceros accident and no one cares

    – The IFL changes their initials to QRP even though it doesn’t stand for anything

    – Eddie Sanchez gets submitted by the Texas border police in mid-fight

    – Frank Trigg, Matt Hughes, and Ben Affleck all die in a whitewater rafting incident

    – Steve Mazagatti forgets to use his spooj-comb before reffing at UFC 78 and comes out to officiate with embarassing McCarthy sauce still on his cookie-duster

    If you promise to divulge and expound upon anything along these lines during your first live broadcast you’re guaranteed to nail an internet gogoplata.

  • Matto says:

    “Steve Mazagatti forgets to use his spooj-comb before reffing at UFC 78 and comes out to officiate with embarassing McCarthy sauce still on his cookie-duster”


  • TIGERTAO says:

    We have 8000 Members on site now and most of them are MMA Freaks so why dont you post something on the forums Ryan? Theres an introduce yourself section but I recommend you put something witty up in the MMA News forum…

  • Lifer says:

    “That’s right: YOUR solemn duty”

    YOU’RE slippin’ [email protected]#!

  • dulljake says:

    to be fair, I wrote that, you bastards. Mine english is busted.

  • nem0 says:

    Man, I hope I’m watching from somewhere that’s got interwebs access. You gonna have some kind of chat set up for questions and stuff?

  • dulljake says:

    We’ll constantly be checking the site for emails and comments, so if people have questions or statements during the show, we’ll say it live. How fucking exciting is that, bitches?

  • Wow … GO FIGHTLINKER GO and all that shit!