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Let’s Cat!

The internet is awesome because instead of just having some dildo corporation making shitty entertainment like you do on television, you have hundreds of millions of people making their contributions wherever possible. Sure, 80% of these millions’ contributions boil down to racist / ignorant comments on Youtube that make my Dan Miller dead baby fraction joke look tame in comparison. But what the other 20% are up to is pure win. Wikipedia is a great example on a larger scale. The MMA blogosphere is another that’s closer to home. And check out this latest addition to our scene’s awesomeness: the MMA PRIDE Book Translation site.

Here’s how it works: site visitors pick out a Japanese MMA book, donations come in, and when they hit 1100 bucks, the book gets translated into English and the resulting file sent to all that contributed. Sakuraba’s autobiography “Me” was the first to get the treatment, and the next book is going to be PRIDE Secret Files:

“PRIDE – Secret Files!” – December 2008, 298 pages – A total of thirty plans that PRIDE had in place, was conducting, or had been put on the drawing board throughout the life of PRIDE. Also includes six long interviews with Aoki, Misaki, Sakurai and Minowa, Kawajiri, Chonan, and Sasaki of DEEP.

You can see the table of contents right here. A minimum donation of $10 will land you a copy of the Sakuraba book plus the PRIDE book when it’s done, which seems like a pretty great deal. More donations mean more books down the line too like “Pancrase – 15 Years of Truth”, Hidehiko Yoshida’s autobiography, and Genki Sudo’s entire line of books including fiction novels, philosophy books, and of course my favorite: “Let’s Cat!”

Genki Sudo – “Let’s Cat” January 2010, 144 pages – Photo essay of him and his two cats’ time in Hokkaido

And for you Richie Riches out there, a 90$ donation not only pushes the books much closer to getting translated, they also get you a physical copy of the original Japanese book.