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Let’s bring the NY fight to the cage

Warren Piece from has a request for the winners of UFC 98: raise awareness of the fight for MMA in New York during your victory speech. Actually, he had a request for Rashad Evans and Matt Serra, but why he’d limit himself to the underdogs of the group is behind me. Perhaps he’s worried Machida will accidentally say he “wants to fuck in New York”? Or that Matt Hughes ain’t willing to stump for sinful city slickers? Anyways, here’s his open letter:

As a self-appointed representative of the movement to lift the ban on Mixed Martial Arts in New York State, I ask this of you: Please be sure to mention the issue and let all of the fans watching and in attendance know what they can do to help the cause (write letters to the appropriate NYS legislators, etc.).

As I’m sure you know, a bill to legalize the sport is expected to be voted upon in the NYS Assembly’s Tourism, Arts and Sports Development Committee this May if not sooner, which does mean that the legislation may have passed or been defeated prior to UFC 98. However, assuming the bill clears the abovementioned hurdle, it shall require additional support as it heads to the full Assembly and then the Senate.

I cannot imagine a greater opportunity to bring this issue to light with two of the greatest fighters from New York headlining a brilliant MMA card. I have to assume that you already have plans to mention the situation and/or that Dana White or Mark Ratner have already or plan to ask the same of you, but just in case they do not, I thought this letter appropriate.

Even though blogger coverage on the subject has been decent, there’s still a VERY low number of people out there that know the useful details on what’s happening in New York, ie that the initial vote goes before the Tourism commission this month and that its got a mortal enemy in that fucking douchebag Assemblyman named Bob Reilly, who uses reasoning like this to try and keep the sport unregulated:

“I think here, as a legislator, I cannot speak against domestic violence, against bullying in school, trying to tell children not to be violent, but say that it’s all right for these adults to get in the cage and do this activity, but don’t you do it. To me, that’s just contradictory.”

If even a small number of people from New York who watch the pay per view follow up with an email to their representative, it could make a difference. What, didn’t you know politicians are spineless? If they think they’ll get more phone calls about voting down the UFC than voting it up, then they’ll take the path of least resistance. You just need to make more noise than one stupid blowhard and his cadre of bitter elderly people who hate MMA worse than the gays and illegal Mexicans.