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Let’s all calm down, shall we?

Alright, now that the whole ‘Fag Gate’ thing is cooling down, there’s a message I want to send out to all the mainstream writers that have taken this issue as an excuse to attack MMA in general: shut the fuck up, please. I just finished reading a tirade on CBS Sports that stated that Dana White being a terrible human being, and the sport he represents is the worst thing to happen to humanity since the invention of the gun.

Look, I’m not going to say that Dana White was right in saying what he said. We all have our flaws, and Dana simply wear them on his shoulders for everyone to see. Usually, it’s endearing, but like your drunk uncle, he’ll occasionally say something really inappropriate at Christmas, guaranteed.

The anti-MMA biased coming from the mainstream is driving me crazy. All of these writers have really no clue as to what’s going on, but the minute they heard that Dana White said something mean, they all jumped on the hate bandwagon.

How many of these annoying old fogies are going to keep bringing up the fact that Dana White likes to say the word fuck? I don’t care if your grandpa league features true sports gentlemen that dress in suits and call people by their last names. I actually like the fact that White swears more than I do. I just think he should avoid saying the following on camera: cocksucker, fag (or faggot), cunt, bitch (when referring to a woman) or cunt. Other than that, go nuts.