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Let us now turn our attention to CBS

I’ve amended my last post on this situation to reflect the new event, but Ben Fowlkes of Cage Potato has gone right to the horse’s mouth on the matter. You see, when he’s not helping to run the mad house over there, he takes a shower, puts on the shirt that his mother bought for him (ah, who am I kidding – we’re bloggers. Our moms buy ALL of our shirts) and moonlights for a little publication known around the legitimate sports world as ‘Sports Illustrated’. Here’s a quote from his conversation with Mark Miller, whose fight was inexplicably cut from the Fedor vs. Rogers card as he and his opponent were warming up:

“I was kind of confused at first,” said Miller. “I wasn’t sure what was going on so I stayed wrapped and stayed warm, just in case, but they came back and told us for sure that it wasn’t happening. They told me the reason was that in the beginning of the fights there was some problem with production. I don’t know, I was kind of surprised by it all so I wasn’t paying too much attention to what they said.”…

“Unfortunately, I lost my sponsorship money since I didn’t get to go out and fight. That was kind of rough for me because the sponsorship money is a big part of what we get, but Strikeforce did pay me my show money, which helped out a lot.”

Strikeforce attempts to curry good favor by mentioning once again their attempts to reschedule the fight for a future card – while being sure to mention that it was the fighter’s previous commitments, not they the organization, that made the hypothetical match-up unworkable. I ain’t buying it. These guys are contractors, and they were hired to do a job at a specific date and time. They had to get their tools together, sharpen them, get in shape, organize a team and get to the site, only to find out it wasn’t happening. If I’m a contractor, and that happens, and my client’s response is to pay be the bare legal minimum (while deducting me for the lunch/cornerman I never ate/needed) and say ‘well, how about we do this again sometime – but for real real?’, I take a fucking walk. Of course, that response changes if a contract still exists between us. SF, good on you for paying these guys their win bonuses, but don’t try to take credit for your attempts to rectify what should have never been fucked up in the first place.

Oh, and CBS? You’re incredibly cheap bastards if you don’t make fill Miller AND Davis’ pockets with the sponsorship money they were counting on. Don’t sit back with your hands in your deep, deep pockets – one less solid crystal jizz scraper for CSI and you’ll have money left over after helping these guys fund their livelihoods. Truthfully, I’d betcha that CBS had complete and utter control over what fights happened when, as part of the TV deal, so blaming Strikeforce for this might be as stupid as blaming the UFC for the amount of advertisements during a Fight Night on Spike. Ten bucks says Strikeforce doesn’t throw them under the bus and these guys get stiffed.

Prove me wrong, creepy eye logo.