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Lesnar still has no love for the Mazz

Poor Steve Mazzagatti … he’s becoming the pariah of referees. It almost seems like Brock Lesnar is hyping a fight with the ‘stache rather than Frank Muuuur the way he went off during the UFC 100 Countdown show:

And as he prepares for the rematch on Saturday night, Lesnar is getting motivated by anger toward Mazzagatti, both for the stand-up and for what Lesnar believes was Mazzagatti’s slow reaction to Lesnar tapping out when Mir caught him in a knee bar.

“I don’t know how many times I had to tap his leg,” Lesnar said on the Countdown to UFC 100 promotional show. “Mazzagatti was a f**king d**khead. He should have been thrown out of the f**king arena. I’d like to punch his f**king mustache right off his face.”

Lesnar ended his interview on the Countdown show by saying, “How many times did I tap his leg, with Mazzagatti — man, I hate that f**king guy.” And with that, he stormed out of the room, breaking a door in the process.

You’d think Brock would understand that incompetant referees are to combat sports as apple pie is to America. It’s such a standard concept that the WWE has been using it for years as a regular schtick.