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Lesnar health update

While it certainly sounds like the worst of his illness is behind him, there’s still no official upgrade on Brock Lesnar’s status, not even from “May never fight again” to “Will fight again, we just don’t know when.” But one good sign is Dana has gone from hyping up Brock’s sickness to hyping up what might happen when he returns:

“I am not making any decisions until I find out what happened to him. The other thing that’s scary is, when you talk to his doctors, this thing that’s happened to him he has had for over a year. So the doctors say he he has been at 60% of his potential. What’s going to happen when he comes back? How much faster can you beat people?”

Lesnar is a notoriously private individual and it was rumoured that he was unhappy with the way White had revealed details of his illness to the media, something the UFC president denies.

“Not at all, that’s my job. Brock Lesnar is a UFC fighter, he fights for the UFC, he is under our umbrella. People want to know, and if it was up to Brock Lesnar nobody would know, nobody would even know this happened but that’s not reality,” he explained.

I just found it weird that he went out of his way to say Brock didn’t have AIDS. That and we keep getting fun little details I’m sure the privacy-obsessed Lesnar hates having out there, like the fact that a hole developed in his intestine which caused literal shit to leak into his abdominal cavity.