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Leonard Garcia talks death and nachos

Ever hear the joke about the Hispanic stabbed over nachos? Actually, it’s less of a joke and more of a horrific story of near-death. Still … almost kicking it over some corn chips is so ridiculous that you’d figure it must be a joke. Here’s Leonard Garcia telling the story, which actually dovetails into why he’s an MMA fighter today:

Garcia’s involvement in MMA is a strange story. After high school in Plainview, Tex., he was planning on going to Texas Tech to play football as a walk-on. But after his high school graduation, he wound up at the Taco Cabana, and a guy walked by, put his hand in Garcia’s nachos and started eating them. He asked the guy to stop, so the guy did it again, and they got into a fight.

“I knocked him out, but then he asked me to come outside and do it again,” Garcia said. “I didn’t know he had a knife. He stabbed me eight times, and punctured one of my lungs. We ended up at the same hospital and I found out he had either PCP or LSD in his blood stream. I couldn’t recover in time to play ball.”

Instead, in 1998, he wound up at an early version of an MMA show in his hometown as a spectator. When there was an opening in the card, they asked if anyone in the crowd wanted to fight, and he ended up as a participant, and won his first fight. He then started training and fighting regularly.

The article also tells the tale of why Garcia was arrested for conspiracy to distribute drugs last year … as we speculated, he had a friend into bad shit and there was an informant who traded his name for a lighter sentence. So now between the nachos and the cocaine, Leonard Garcia has filled his wacky stories quota and should probably try to live a quiet life that involves less near-death and jail experiences.