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Leonard Garcia just finished Jens Pulver

Being the lazy fucker that I am, I never got around to writing a post today on how Jens Pulver is awesome and how changing his training was gonna help him whup Leonard Garcia’s ass. The upside is now I have no egg on my face about that, since Leonard Garcia just KNOCKED Jens Pulver stupid.

As the fight started, I waited for Jens to ‘Cub Swanson’ Garcia but that was not how shit played out. Garcia stunned Pulver early with a hook and then knocked him onto his butt against the cage with a cross. Jens barely got anything going before all this happened. Considering Jens took five rounds worth of punches to the face from Urijah Faber, I have to wonder if Garcia just hits that hard or maybe Pulver has finally lost his ability to take unlimited damage.

So where the fuck does Jens go from here? He’s not done yet, but he’s certainly on the edge. If he loses another like this or his chin ends up failing another test, it’s game over.