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Leg muscles be poppin’ all over this joint

Josh Thomson will be standing across the cage from Gilbert Melendez at this Saturday’s Strikeforce card, but it may be on one leg. Rumor has it he has a torn PCL, one of the little muscly elastic bands that holds your femur and tibia together. Thomson is denying the reports and still plans to fight. In related news, Gilbert Melendez might have an injury of his own from rolling his eyes. Via Heavy:

“When I heard the news, I thought it was typical Josh Thomson,” Melendez told HeavyMMA. “He gets injured a lot and has had some issues with it. As far as I’m concerned, the fight is still on. Once I heard the rumor, I called (Strikeforce matchmaker) Sean Shelby, because he’s the man to call in these situations, and he said it’s a go. I’m anticipating Josh, and if not, I know they’ll find someone for me.

“The possibility of him getting injured before the fight was most definitely something I thought about. The first two times we fought, he was saying he was hurt coming into the fights and not 100 percent, but he came out guns blazing. This is something you hear from Josh a lot. Whether he had a sh***y performance or his training wasn’t right, he always puts it out there.

“Who isn’t injured going into a fight? If you’re 100 percent going into a fight, then you probably didn’t train hard enough, to be honest. I have little injuries pop up here and there, but I don’t put them on blast. Fighting hurt comes with the territory in this business. I expected it coming into this fight, but I don’t expect him to be that injured. I’m anticipating he’ll be just fine when fight time rolls around.”

Gil has done a pretty good job of completely downplaying everything about Josh from his worthiness as an opponent to this plan to fight through a knee injury. Sure, everyone fights injured. But there are injuries and there are INJURIES. However Thomson does in the cage this weekend, we should raise a can of beer in his honor and give him a meathead salute for being a total f*ckin warriur.

  • TheColonConspirator says:

    I dont know why these dudes are training to damage themselves so often these days?!

    I wonder if it has something to do with the monopoly?!

  • iamphoenix says:

    haven’t these 2 dudes fought each other 20 times already. i don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Josh overtrains himself not to finish a fight against Gil one … more … time.

  • Giallo says:

    Why is this fight even happening? I’ll still watch but with total disinterest.