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Left hand flips off the right hand

Oh glee. Mark Cuban is lucky … the only thing looking unprofessional in his organization thus far is the graphic design (yeah the fighting is pretty amateur too, but it’s professionally amateur). M-1 on the other hand are having all sorts of crazy problems trying not to look retarded. The latest example of this is “The Fedor Situation”.

We already commented on how weird it was for Fedor to post a “I want to fight in Japan” article on the M-1 Russia site, and then have M-1 Global say “Yeeeeaah … no.” Now it looks like it’s happening again! Russia M-1 says “Fedor’s fighting on New Years in Japan!” M-1 Global says “No he’s not!

Wow, that doesn’t make M-1 look incompetent at all.

There’s two possibilities here: M-1 doesn’t have control of it’s webs, or worse: M-1 Global has no fucking idea what M-1 Russia is doing. If there had only been one post on the Russian M-1 site, I’d be willing to entertain webmaster tomfoolery. But this is the second time it’s happened, and Zach Arnold has the beef to back up the word on another Japanese New Year’s show:

There has been strong rumors about an MMA event happening at Saitama Super Arena on NYE (it would allegedly happen at night while a Hustle pro-wrestling show takes place during the day). There is a report that it will end up being an M-1 Global tournament show with Fedor fighting on the card. The event would be carried on SkyPerfecTV PPV and not on free-to-air television in Japan. As for who is backing the Japanese event, I’ve heard a possible name that is quite the eye-opener (and was a name in PRIDE’s past)-

It’ll be interesting to see how this all works out. You better believe someone at M-1 is ripping their hair out over all this.

  • And you guys think it was all Dana’s fault that Fedor didn’t sign with the UFC?? (and by “you guys” I mean Fedor lovers and Dana haters). It’s obvious that Fedor’s managers have no idea what they are doing by signing with an org that constantly trips over itself like this.

  • Big D D says:

    What a joke!

  • Asa says:

    Fedor needs to get out immediately or his career is dead.

  • Prozac For All says:

    Maybe M-1 is actually Polish, not Russian.

  • marshal says:

    M1 is doing something right. They haven’t really done anything, but still stay on the internet blogs (the pushers of mma).

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    “Crazy Russians” – Dana

  • LR says:

    Sounds like Ed Fishman… sniff, sniff.

  • intenso says:

    Dana secretly owns M1!!!!!!!!!! omg.

  • Andrej says:

    Dana Dosen’t own M1. He own’s EliteXC because they keep making a big joke of themselves. Crazy Horse – Come on how is this guy even considered a true Main Event. Make’s Rashad Evans vs Michael Bisping the second coming of Christ! Wow

  • M-1 is just a ploy to trick Zuffa into opening their wallets wider. After Zuffa foolishly bought Pride, Cox, Finkelstein, et al, realized that the guys at Zuffa weren’t quite as smart as they seemed (and they already seemed like idiots.)

  • Prozac For All says:

    Didn’t Bodog already try the format of “have lots of money, start MMA organization, buy #1 heavyweight, do a few lackluster events, stop doing MMA events”? Seems like M-1 has the same recipe for success.