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Lee Murray caught trying to bust out of jail

Former MMA fighter and bank robber extraordinaire Lee Murray is back in the news for trying to escape from prison in Morocco, where he’s doing time on a drug charge until the UK figures out a way to legally extradite him:

According to MMA Torch (citing The Wrestling Observer) “small saws were found in a plate of biscuits in Murray’s cell by another prisoner who broke into it. Prison officials believe Murray was planning to cut through the iron bars of his cell window with the saws.

“To make the escape through the small window easier, Murray had lost a significant amount of weight recently though training hard and starving himself. Murray was in a different cell at the time as punishment for being caught with a laptop computer (with internet access) and five kilos of drugs.

Murray’s fellow prisoners apparently resent the way he is able to use his wealth and connections to obtain luxury items and privileges.

You’d figure with his share of the £53 million pounds he’d be able to afford something a bit more elaborate than tiny saws in a fucking cookie tin. As far as prison breaks go, there’s no pimper way to escape than in a helicopter. But who knows … it wouldn’t surprise me if Moroccan prison guards are armed to the teeth and authorized to shoot that shit out of the sky. After all, this is apparently a jail where certain prisoners can get their hands on kilograms worth of coke. Who knows what other kinds of crazy shit goes on?