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Lee ‘Mastermind’ Murray

When a lot of people talk about UFC veteran Lee Murray, they’re all “Oh it’s too bad he threw away his cage fighting career to pull off one of the largest bank heists in history.” I say fuck that; this story is way more interesting than Murray’s fight career could ever have been. There had always been solid reports that Murray was involved in the 53 million pound Securitas depot robbery but I never actually though he was one of the key guys involved. But that’s what’s coming out now during an accomplice’s trial:

The court heard that Mr Murray allegedly began to take an interest in the Securitas depot in summer 2005 and later that year he and Mr Allen bought several pay-as-you-go mobile phones and SIM cards.

In January 2006, the pair visited a specialist security shop to buy covert miniature cameras and recording equipment, used in the reconnaissance of the depot and the Dixons’ home.

Mr Murray also bought police clothing used in the robbery on eBay, as well as a paintball mask from a shop which he used as a disguise, while Mr Allen helped buy one of the cars used in the kidnapping and to transport the robbers to and from the depot, the court heard.

They stole 53 million pounds, 20 million of which has been recovered by the police along with the asses of several people involved in the robbery. Lee Murray is currently sitting in a Morrocan jail fighting extradition. Thus far it looks like only one guy got away scot free – Keyinde Patterson, who’s allegedly hiding in the West Indies.