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Leave Mirko alone!

The reviews are in on Mirko Crocop’s performance at UFC 110 and as GSP would say, the critics are not himpressed with Crocop’s performhance. Here’s Josh Gross:

Appearing slow and sluggish, he needed 10 minutes to put away Anthony Perosh, who met the veteran heavyweight slugger on two-day’s notice.

I don’t see the Croatian having any kind of impact at this stage of his career. At best, he was uninspired against Perosh. At worst, he was as good as he can be.

And Midsy:

Yes, Cro Cop thoroughly dominated Perosh, left him covered in blood and won by TKO, but Cro Cop did less than I thought he should do: The Cro Cop of old would have knocked Perosh out in the first round, not toyed with him for 10 minutes.

Even the typically dry as sand MMA Junkie gets in on the Crocop criticism:

With Filipovic’s UFC wins coming over Perosh, Mostapha Al Turk (in controversial fashion) and Eddie Sanchez, many wonder if the fighter can remain relevant in the UFC’s current title picture.

Agreed, many do wonder that. But adding an asterisk to the Al Turk fight is just doggish. Crocop was smashing that dude to bits worse than Perosh, and while the eye poke added a shitty tang to the taste of the fight it was still a full throttle beatdown.

I also don’t quite agree with Midsy’s assessment that there was something wrong with Mirko ‘toying’ with Anthony Perosh rather than just finishing him off. Pretty much the only consolation for Mirko with this fight (past the hundreds of thousands of dollars, that is) was a chance to get some cage time in. Everyone agrees that Mirko could have pressed a bit harder and finished the fight sooner. Does the fact that he didn’t negate the methodical ass whupping he dealt out instead?

Anyways, I know I’m just a Crocop nut hugger that’s busy huggin dem nuts. But it seems to me that he was doomed to be shit talked the second Ben Rothwell pooped his pants on the plane to Australia. It’s not Mirko’s fault that happened. He didn’t pick Anthony Perosh. He just went out and beat the shit out of him. If he looked less than enthusiastic while doing it, can we really blame him?