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At least some people care about Frankie’s win

He may not have been getting any love from the interwebs with everyone fixating on Anderson Silva’s behavior and the scoring controversy surrounding his fight, but Frankie Edgar still got a nice homecoming party when he arrived back in New Jersey:

The township’s emergency vehicles escorted Ultimate Fighting champion Frankie Edgar back home Sunday night, police said.

Police Chief Michael G. Mastronardy said police cars, fire trucks and ambulances met Edgar’s vehicle near Parkway Exit 82 about 8 p.m., and escorted him home with sirens blaring. They stopped first at the Toms River Shopping Center, where roughly 150 people waited to greet him. Edgar was expected to return here about two hours earlier but got delayed at customs, the chief said.

The above video shows Frankie’s friends as they watch the decision being read – worth watching if you want to relive the thrill of the upset or the WTF moment following that 50-45 score from Douglas Crosby.

(video via BloodyElbow)