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Learn judo and democracy takedowns!

Yeah, he’s probably gonna be the dude who drags Russia down into fascism (not like we don’t have the same kind of people over here), but hey … at least Putin is an ardent supporter of mixed martial arts!

We’ve seen Putin hanging out with Fedor, and he invited everyone back to his palace for a party after Bodog’s Russian event. All this enthusiasm stems from the former Russian president’s love of Judo. And now he wants to share that love with you in the form of an instructional DVD:

Now Vladimir Putin – the world’s most manly leader – has released yet another display of his own masculinity: a DVD entitled ‘Let’s learn judo with Vladimir Putin’.

Today he presented the instructional judo DVD that shows him throwing an opponent to the mat.

‘Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin’ is the product of collaboration between Putin – a black belt – and former World and Olympic judo champion Yasuhiro Yamashita.

At a nighttime presentation minutes into his 56th birthday, Putin said the title was little more than an ‘advertising trick’. Anyone who watches it ‘will be learning not from your humble servant but from real geniuses’ of the martial art, he said.

This is a pretty unique opportunity, up there with learning how to paint with Hitler or taking etiquette lessons from Mugabe.