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Learn Anderson Silva’s ‘flash moves’

I’m not too hot on the whole new genre of books written by fighters. Personally, I think if they’re gonna release books, they should be books on how to kick ass since that’s what they’re all about. And thank god for Anderson Silva, he’s actually putting out a series of books all based around his standup game. And as far as I can tell from this Bloody Elbow review, it looks pretty fucking sweet:

Anyway, the book I have in my hands is still totally awesome. My favorite thing about the Victory Belt series is the insight these books give to the fighting style of the authors. This book, like Anderson Silva, is an interesting combination. Its two parts methodical attention to footwork and positioning, two parts tactical strategy — how to set up combinations and how to counterattack, and one part crazy flash moves that reveal Silva’s love of martial arts movies!

The bit on the Lead Reverse Back Elbow (the move he famously KTFO’d Tony Fryklund with, watch it here) is classic. Anderson describes how he first saw the move in a movie called Ong Bak starring Tony Jaa, a Muay Boran master. He decides that he’s going to use it in his next fight and his trainers tell him to quit wasting his time with stupid movie moves that are never going to work. So he goes home and gets his wife to hold the pads for him while he secretly practices the move hundreds of times. Then he unleashes it in Cage Rage.