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Last second negotiations

MMAWeekly has a good breakdown of the final minutes leading up to the deal between Randy Couture and the UFC. As Steve Cofield had implied earlier, the press conference really was pushed back an hour because the contract wasn’t signed until the very last second:

Up until 12:56, however, there wasn’t a final deal. Couture and his lawyers still had objections to the proposed UFC contract. A teleconference of hungry journalists was pushed back an hour. Within the last few minutes before the actual beginning of the press conference, Couture remained outside the UFC offices (he had gone out to take a walk and to talk more freely with his lawyers). A series of phone calls between Couture’s and the UFC’s lawyers played out. The UFC, eager to get their star back into the fold, and Couture, eager to get back into the Octagon, collectively resolved the remaining sticking points, and the deal was done.

Here’s hoping those last second negotiations really panned out for everyone, because you should know by now that Randy often agrees to things and then has second thoughts later on. Just ask Dana White or Randy’s last two wives.