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Last Night a DJ Ruined my MMA event

Wow, it’s like an asian Kevin Federline. The above guy is DJ Hapa, aka the DJ who took K1 Dynamite from being your average crappy event and made it one of the worst shows in the history of mankind. I have to wonder what K1 was thinking when they brought this guy on board. I certainly have no idea how he managed to talk through the entire event without someone kicking his ass. Back in high school I tried to take a dump on stage during our drama class’ rendition of The Sound of Music and was hauled off before I could pop any cargo down. So how did this guy manage to shit all over Dynamite for 3 fucking hours?

There’s lots of reasons we can hate DJ Hapa. But if you wanna hate on someone for wrecking K1 Dynamite, you gotta look towards K1 and K1 alone. They paid this ass clown, and they made the decision to leave his microphone and esophagus intact for the entire event.

  • Asa says:

    Where the fuck was the Yakuza when we needed them?

  • I heard the DJ was horrendous. I only watched the actual fights and didn’t hear but the event seemed bad from the time it started on Showtime. Think they’ll give a US show another try?

  • Archivist says:

    In some strange way, DJ Hapa does have a noble purpose ; finally giving us a clear and defined target for all the hatred that was being kept bottled up ever since Jerry Millen disappeared from public view.

  • Haha you know I was gonna add something about Dynamite proving that Jerry Millen really wasn’t that bad! As for K1 coming back, I don’t think we’ll be seeing them do another MMA show for at least a year in North America. One of the main reasons they tanked is because even though the show was in the US, it was still booked for Asia and the TV stations K1 sold the rights to. Now that they know it’s not worth the hassle I doubt we’ll be seeing them back any time soon.

  • Frank says:

    I was at the fight, this guy was the most annoying part of the show. Even more annoying than the beer lines. It was torture. Aside of being from some so-called “Dj Academy” where they teach you (supposably) the fundamentals of djing, the guys scratching was some of the worst I’ve ever heard. WACK! Go back to your bedroom and practice for a few more years and leave the job for real professionals. Who watches Channel 5 moring news anyway. Keep your day job man, I would never book your ass!