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Last chance for Low Blow mailbag

We’re recording the new show tonight so get your questions in by 6pm EST if you want them answered. Mailbag only happens once a month so don’t miss out!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!

  • intenso says:

    Do you think the UFC “roster” of fighters is too big?

  • Shaun says:

    Should the UFC let Okami go?
    Who should Brock Lesnar’s opponent be?

  • stellar53 says:

    Molson or Blue?

    When are we going to be able to call in on your shows/when are they going to be live?

    Do you read when you are writing?

    How does it make you feel knowing I hold your destiny in my hands?

  • If you could pick any fighter past or present to be the dictator of North America who would it be and why.

  • If you could pick one male fighter and one female fighter to mate who and why?

  • Wu Tang says:

    Since boring fighters are let go by Zuffa, and being that there are no contenders in the middle weight division, is it wise for Zuffa to let Okami go and make the assumption to let another lay and pray fighter of Hendo try to take on the Spider? Okami has proved he deserves to be up there, to have a shot at the belt, he has beatin (still a debate) the current middle weight champion. But if you look at the pace of the action in that fight, Okami was pushing the pace, take down, punching in the guard of Silvia. Okami is a psychological fighter even teh current champion was losing his cool with Okami (it showed after Silvia knocked out Okami and his display at how Okami pissed him off, psychological fighters are rare now a days).

    With all this talk about heavy weight, middle wieght ect ect, what about Guilda! What about our CaveMan Carpenter! What about that 5’6 hairy contender who should have won all his fights that lost due to his reactive hair! What about him! And what about my free t-shirt!! hehe.

    Will Dana ever get off the cocks of his fighter ‘friends?’ Such as Hughes, Sherk, Liddel, ect ect. He done more for them, give them more high profile fights that he fails to look at more marketable fighters, who are up and rising. Rampage is one of them, SILVIA is one of them BIG NOG is one of them, Guida is one of them. Yet White associates himself with known fighters that has more issues and bad rap than Ja-Rule trying to make a comeback in the music industry!

    – J

  • Jaiden says:

    Why does the UFC assume that just because a proven fighter such as Arlovski or Verdum turn in one poor performance that they will always turn in bad performances? I understand that marketing plays a huge role but they could at least put them further down on the card.

  • intenso says:

    would the UFC be better off if Dana were moved into a more “publicity” type role and they appointed a more professional CEO who didn’t have beefs/friendships with so many fighters?

  • smoogy says:

    Have you seen the part in the UFC 78 preview where they show the “LHW contenders”, and do you think leaving out Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida was intentional?

    Hypothesis: Lyoto is no longer under Zuffa contract.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Can you do a breakdown of the Rashad/Bisping fight instead of just bitching about it?

  • iggy says:

    more sean connery!

  • I have another one. Could you do a Russian accent

  • Those barely qualify as questions~~~~~

  • stellar53 says:

    As a Fightlinker fan and enthusiast, I am wondering what are your future plans for the website.
    Are you planning on partnering up with some other website or Nike or the bum on the corner of Main St. and Maple St.?
    Are you planning on attending any other fights live?
    Going international?
    Anything else you can think of…….

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    id ask another question but my rogan vs snipes question should take up about 45 minutes so i dont want to work you guys too hard

  • Kalak says:

    Which MMA-fighter would win a truly no holds barred-tournament to the death?

  • stellar53 says:

    hopefully i can fit this message in on time…..what do you think about the February 2nd fight Lesnar vs. Mir?

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Whose poop weighs more- Brock lesnar or Crocop?

  • Jake says:

    Too late Stellar. The show is done! just you wait till tomorrow!

  • stellar53 says:

    “what do you think about the February 2nd fight Lesnar vs. Mir?”

    I’m still waiting!!!