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Lashley will not fight Del Rosario

Strikeforce heavyweight Shane Del Rosario fights out of Team Oyama in Irvine, California. This is the latest Facebook status for the team. At this point, Lashley should be straight up embarassed.

Here’s the deal, Lashley: you are not Brock Lesnar. You do not have the amateur wrestling background of Brock, nor are you coming into this sport with anywhere near the level of notoriety and hype he had. I know to some extent you are aware of that, which is why you took the slow approach and beat up a bunch of lower level guys before signing with Strikeforce, as opposed to diving right in the deep end like Brock did. But that also means that you can’t go from fighting Sapp and Sims to getting a fight with Fedor or Overeem. You need to prove your worth by beating somebody that is actually a challenge for you who — gasp — might not have a high-level of name value.

I’m not sure if you’re making these decisions on your own or you have a manager in your ear, but you need to cut the shit. If you go in against a guy like Del Rosario and lose, in the long run the fight community as a whole will have more respect for you just for taking the risk. Seriously, cut the shit, or do what Team Oyama suggests: go back to pro wrestling and stop wasting my goddamn time. I have important things to attend to. ::grabs jerk towel, pulls pants down::