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Lashley vs Guida has an upside

There’s a few good things about Bobby Lashley facing Jason Guida this Saturday: first, it means that Ken Shamrock isn’t going to get smashed into a wrinkled pile of fail. Second: we get to give Lashley his Seth Petruzelli test now before the hype gets out of control. I’ve largely ignored the majority of Lashley-related news because what do I care about some pro wrestler I’ve never heard of trying to get into MMA? I traded in my jammies and bottle for big boy sports back when I was 26, losers.   Until he proves himself in the cage, I couldn’t give less of a shit about him. He’s just a big roided out motherfucker who doesn’t even bring any significant mainstream pull like Brock did.

So while promoter / headliner Roy Jones definitely lost out when Ken Shamrock managed to throw a monkey wrench in his event, I certainly don’t mind. This Lashley guy needed a real test now rather than later to ensure he’s not going to turn into another smoke and mirrors Kimbo phenomenon. Jason Guida might not be very good, but if Lashley defeats him then he’s earned a right to be taken seriously in this sport. Sure, that probably doesn’t pay as well as wailing on the elderly, but it’ll be better for everyone else’s sanity in the long run.