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Lashley vs Fedor and throwing fights

UberShmact says:

I just read about Bobby Lashley talking about fighting Fedor, maybe you could wish him good luck with that?

There really needs to be a rule where you’re not allowed to call out Fedor unless you’ve beaten someone – anyone – in the top 10. As it stands, the biggest name on Lashley’s resume that isn’t a punchline is Jason Guida, and Lashley lay and prayed the fuck out of him. His next fight is a 2-1 fighter named Yohan Banks on Strikeforce’s January 30th card, yet Lashley thinks he’s ‘two or three fights away’ from Fedor? Shit like this makes Baby Jesus cry.

RVAfoodie asks:

T.Silva didn’t finish off Rashad in 108 to preserve the big Quinton fight. Possible? Impossible? Percentage of likelihood?

Impossible. While you could make the argument that as long as fights are set up by a matchmaker the promotion will always have an influence in who wins and who loses fights, that’s as far as it goes in MMA. Dana and the gang know all too well that one instance of fixing could destroy the company.

As for Thiago Silva, why would he ever throw the fight? The only fight he wanted to try and preserve was a potential fight with Quinton for himself – that’s good money in his pocket and worth more than any potential goodwill he might get from throwing the fight at the end.