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Lashley, Lawler, & Noons on tap for Strikeforce: L.A.

Two weeks ago Strikeforce announced plans for a show in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 16th. I bet you’re thinking the same thing as I am: Why would Strikeforce plan a show on the same night “America’s Next Top Model” and “Fly Girls” is on? Sure, I could DVR those shows, but all the fun is in watching it live with the girls. What’s that? No, you’re the gay one.

I bet your also wondering who in the hell is going to appear on this card. Allow me to copy and paste from MMAJunkie so that I don’t have to piece together a sentence on my own:

Bobby Lashley, Robbie Lawler and K.J. Noons will all fight on the Showtime-broadcast portion of “Strikeforce: Los Angeles,” which takes place on Wednesday, June 16, at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Opponents for all three fighters will be named at a later date.

This is the part where I speculate as to who these three men will meet. In the interest of consistency, I’ll toss out two potential opponents for each fighter. Think you can handle that?

Let’s start with Lashley. Finding the right opponent for him is a bit tough as it appears as though every other heavyweight in Strikeforce is booked. Rogers v. Overeem and Arlovski v. Bigfoot are coming right up, while Fedor is still negotiating with Coker and Werdum is waiting for that shit to get figured out. I’d say put the former professional wrestler against Werdum, but I doubt that’s going to happen as this Fedor mess will hopefully get worked out. That leaves pretty much nobody from the current Strikeforce roster, so they’re going to outsource, just like your former employer did when you got laid off and replaced by some guy in India for a quarter of the price.

The right opponent has to be a step up in competition for Lashley, as he’s been fed enough cans thus far in his career, and the right opponent also has to have some name value in the case of an upset. Oh, you want my picks? I thought you’d never ask. Jeff Monson or Ricco Rodriguez. Each man is likely available, as fighting on Showtime is more appealing then fighting on some un-televised regional show, and both still have some name value from their UFC days. Time to see what Lashley’s actually capable of.

As for Lawler, Mayhem Miller is the obvious choice. The bout makes a lot of sense from a matchmaking perspective, and was already rumored before the brawl on CBS. I doubt Mayhem will suffer any type of suspension as technically all he did was pick a bad time to interrupt an interview, so I don’t see why this doesn’t happen. If, for whatever reason, Mayhem is unavailable, then I would go with Tim Kennedy. That dude has compiled a respectable record this far in his career and he deserves a step up in competition. Plus, he’s been known to put on an entertaining scrap every now and then, which would likely compliment Lawler’s go-for-broke style of cage fighting.

What about Noons? The answer to that depends on whether the former EliteXC champion starts fighting at lightweight or at welterweight. If all those involved decide on the former, then the obvious choice would be Josh Thomson, in what would be a de facto number one contender’s bout. If Strikeforce decides to stick him at 170 in the hopes of setting up a rematch with Nick Diaz, then the obvious choice there is Jay Hieron. “The Thoroughbred”‘s contract was up after his last Strikeforce fight with Joe Riggs, but I think a televised fight with Noons and a title shot on the line would be enough to entice the former IFL fighter to come back. Considering the boxing skills of each man, that fight would likely be an exciting stand-up battle. A good punch in the mouth never seems to get old.

Think I got it right? Think I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Think Lashley, Lawler, and Noons should fight each other in a three-way death match? Let me know in the comments.