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Lashley just wants to build up

Bobby Lashley sure does have an interesting idea of how fighters in MMA ‘build up’ their record. Everyone was pretty unimpressed with his outmuscling of a pear shaped Wes Sims, mainly because the fight represented about 1% risk and didn’t tell us anything new at all about Lashley’s growth as a fighter. But Lashley wants everyone out there to stop picking on him for not testing himself against any half-decent opposition because he’s just trying to build himself up like everyone else:

“This is what I need to say to the fans critics whatever out there. Allow me to continue to build the way that i want to build or give me the title fight. Give me Overeem or give me Fedor. I’m not doing anything in the middle, it’s ridiculous, there’s no reason for me to do that. Either i’m gonna build the same way everyone else built or gimme the best i’ll only fight the best right away.”

Jeez, I’m pretty sure there’s a middle ground between scrubs and Fedor … how about an opponent from the actual Strikeforce roster? Because here’s the deal: if Lashley wants people to stop complaining about his opponents, he doesn’t have to take on Fedor to make us shut up, he just has to hang with someone else who earned their way into the promotion off actual fighting ability. Boom, suddenly you go from being “That guy who needs pathetic opponents to win in Strikeforce” (not a good label) to “That guy who can hang in the Strikeforce Heavyweight division.” That last one shouldn’t be too much to ask for, really. That’s all we freaking want, man.

And just for reference, here’s the way everyone else builds up: they get matched against opponents of similar skill level and then *gasp* they pit those skills against one another. Fights aren’t just to add names and numbers onto your record, they’re supposed to be tests to show you’ve taken your abilities to the next level. Wes Sims didn’t test Lashley in any way, shape, or form. All Sims did was give Lashley a meaningless win and a paycheck. Fine for Lashley, not so fine for anyone who tuned in to see good MMA. And most definitely not the way everyone else gets ‘built’.