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Lashley is thinking TUF over

Ex-WWE freakshow Bobby Lashley might not have impressed me very much in the ring a few weeks ago, but the more I hear him talk the more I like his attitude. He comes across as a guy who knows he’s got a ways to go before he deserves a shot at the big time (which is very true), and he’s willing to work to get there. Case in point:

The UFC is holding open tryouts for “The Ultimate Fighter” in Seattle on Monday. Heavyweights are being sought out for the process, and Lashley told “MMA Live” co-host Kenny Florian he’s mulling over the idea of making an appearance.

“I think [appearing on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’] would be something great,” Lashley said. “I saw that, and they said, ‘Heavyweights,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s jump on it.’

“I think it would be great because what I’m trying to do right now is prove myself. And on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ you have to prove yourself. I talked it over with my management and my trainers and everything, and they have mixed opinions on it – if I should go there, or if I should stay out and do different fights.”

Lashley goes on to say he doesn’t want to get into the UFC before he’s ready. How many guys have we seen who’ll cut their nuts off to get a shot on the big show before they’re capable of hanging at that level? Try 99% of the fighters out there. So I think it shows a decent amount of smarts on Lashley’s part that he’s trying to figure out what’s best for his career in the long run.