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Kyra Gracie trying out women’s MMA?

This article from GracieMag certainly sounds like she’s gonna try it out:

On Brazilian television show Sensei Sportv this Friday, Kyra shows how her MMA preparations have been going training standup with Claudio Coelho, and takedowns with Leo Leite. “I’ve already received offers to test myself in MMA, but I can’t yet reveal in which event it will be,” says the three-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion. But fighting in the gi is still the primary focus in Kyra’s career. “I want to be to women’s Jiu-Jitsu what Rickson is to men’s Jiu-Jitsu,” she says in finishing.

Having Kyra fight is a no brainer. Between her name, her BJJ creds, and her hotness, she could be a real force. And even if she ain’t that good, I’m sure that won’t stop her from getting lots of bookings. Normally I’d complain, but let’s face it. Women’s MMA needs some megahotties right now to draw the casual fan’s attention.

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