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Kurt Pellegrino is sensitive

Props to Kurt Pellegrino for being totally in touch with his feelings:

KM: Anything else to get across to the fans?

KP: I love the fans but don’t boo when the fighters are squaring off looking for a way to win. We aren’t looking to stall, we are looking for a way not to die out. It hurts my feelings. I’m trying to end the fight as fast as possible.

  • Jonathan says:

    Someone give him a tissue.

  • rick hume says:

    Kurt Pellegrino is a stand up guy I grew up with him in Point Pleasant nj. There is nothing that anyone can say bad about him, he is a true work of art and trains hard. NOTHING BUT RESPECT TO HIM!!!!!!!!Kurt we all support you and wish you the best, we all know you are an outstanding fighter and a great guy all around. so my hat goes off to him!!