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Kurt Pellegrino can’t read this

Normally with fighters, we’re all like “Haha u r dumb!” But today we have a story on Kurt Pellegrino which just leaves me shaking my head and feeling kinda bad for the guy:

Pellegrino is opening a new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Belmar, N.J. But if his fight career ends anytime soon and his business fails, Pellegrino doesn’t know how he and his family would survive. He can barely read and write, and said his math skills are at a third grade level. He’s a product of the wonderful school system in Point Pleasant, N.J. where he was moved along and allowed to graduate because he was a phenomenomal athlete (two-time runner-up in the N.J. state high school wrestling championships).

Kurt is fighting Thiago Tavares at UFC 88, and I’d give him a pretty good shot at winning if he wasn’t so good at losing fights he was winning. Case in point? Remember the ass kicking he was laying on Nate Diaz right until he got caught in that stupid triangle? He gave away another win against Drew Fickett a few years ago too.

So lets all cross our fingers and send positive thoughts Kurt’s way. Don’t bother sending him emails or anything though, since he kinda can’t read them.