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Kultar Gill is exciting about winning in India

Another SFL moment from Sunday’s broadcast: Kultar Gill pumps the crowd up after his fight by completely freaking out and smashing up half the promotion’s equipment. And yes, that IS Phil Baroni doing post fight interviews. Yes, he IS shirtless under that leather jacket. That’s just how he rolls.

  • Filmdrunk says:

    The good thing about smashing up equipment in India is that tech support is right there.

    (*shows self out*)

  • GluteusMaximus says:

    And I’m exciting for him.

  • Ron Jeremy says:

    Is this the first ever documented case of Indian roid rage?

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Filmdrunk FTW.   Tastelessly delicious.

  • sharaab says:

    since i’m FL’s resident indian guy, i can roughly translate what he says:

    “i’m going to speak in hindi. hey india, how do you like my sport? i’m Indian, my heart is with you, i’m a religious man. but, inside me there is a tiger, and that tiger came out tonight.”

    … some stuff about his little brother is going to be the future champion…

    “jai hind” means “long live india”

    screams, freaks out, nearly kills baroni, bj penns out of the cage

  • UberShmact says:

    Huh, Black Mamba is still fighting.

  • Ron Jeremy says:

    resident indian guy? is this a rebellion media thing?