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Krazy Horse vs Chute Boxe

Being backstage at PRIDE events sounded like a hell of a time. You had Mirko CroCop ” target=”_blank”>involved in crazy drama. Here’s another example of that, with Charles Krazy Horse Bennett and Chute Boxe coach Cristiano Marcello fighting in a dressing room after Bennet beat Ken Kaneko at Shockwave 2005. Kaneko had trained with Chute Boxe in the past, and I guess no one in PRIDE thought it’d be a bad idea to have Krazy Horse and Chute Boxe share a locker room.

While it’s easy to blame Krazy Horse for all this, it’s worth noting that he’s not the one getting in Marcello’s face at the beginning of the video. There’s also a 20 second cut in the video between where Krazy Horse is sitting watching the TV and when he’s up and attacking Marcello. What happened in that time, I dunno. But it’s certainly fishy that there’s a chunk missing right before Krazy Horse gets up to fight.

After the jump: Krazy Horse’s account of the story.