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Krazy Horse settles down; now a regular horse

The world of MMA is filled with fighters who feel they need to put forth a persona, or a hook, to draw awareness. You can’t blame them, as kids today – with their Zima, hula hoops and Pac-Man video games – have attention spans that can only be measured in nanoseconds.

But amidst the sea of mowhawks and forced trash talking, there was one fighter that didn’t need to put forth any effort to get people engrossed: Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett. Whether it was his backstage antics, constant arrests or ridiculous “>inconsistency, all eyez were on him whenever he did anything.

That may not be the case anymore, as he wants to reboot himself into a wholesome, non-incarcerated man. MMA Junkie has the story:

Long known as one of the more unusual – and, at times, skilled – fighters in MMA, Bennett is looking to reinvent his character. He’s a father now, he says, so he needs to be a role model.

He’s training, committing himself to the sport, cleaning up his image and hopefully heading into the best part of his career….That includes a move from Krazy Horse (and all that character entails) to Kid Khaos [Ed. note: “Thug Kaos” was already taken], who, despite the name, is meant to be calmer and more controlled than his former incarnation.

The Fighter Formerly Known as Horse says he’s a dedicated, cereal person now. There’s no more woman beating, no more drugs, no more masturbating as training – all the things that come to mind when discussing him. Will this be like Bob Saget going from filthy on stage to clean on TV and back, or will this be a permanent change? We’ll find out sooner or later thanks to the can’t-look-away nature of Bennet. Just keep in mind that he’s “>claimed a revamp in the past and it didn’t really hold up well.