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Koscheck wants to lose twice?

When Josh Koscheck stepped up to replace Diego Sanchez against Thiago Alves at UFC90, I was thinking there was one guy getting stuck without a dancing partner: Yoshiyuki Yoshida. Sucks for him, especially considering he already got ass-fucked on that Parisyan flake out at UFC 88.

But according to Josh, Yoshida might not have to worry about anything:

During a conference call to promote UFC 90, Josh Koscheck confirmed that he plans to fight twice in the next sixty days. First, Koscheck takes on Thiago Alves in the co-main event on October 25th. Then, If Koscheck comes out unscathed, he will have a six week turnaround to prepare for Yoshiyuki Yoshida on December 10.

The key question here is how anal Chicago’s athletic commission is. California is famous for suspending people for months on bruises and precautionary reasons. Will Chicago play things hard or easy? A knockout can earn you nothing to 30 days to three months worth of suspension, and there’s also the ‘no contact’ clause that could fuck up training, although I’m unsure if anyone actually pays attention to or enforces that.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that Alvez is gonna tool Koscheck, so it will be interesting to see if he manages to get through said tooling so he can then be tooled by Yoshida again. Not to say I completely dismiss Josh or anything … it’s just that he happens to be facing two of the toughest new guys in the welterweight division.