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Koscheck vs St Pierre a reward or punishment?

There’s only a few people in MMA that a really pity, and it extends to whoever fights Mirko Crocop next, and Josh Koscheck. Why Koscheck? Because just like the poor bastard who ends up in the ring with Crocop, he’s going to be in a ring with a very dangerous man with something to prove. Something violent to proove.

I find it funny that the Kos thinks this is a ‘reward’ for beating Diego Sanchez. Has Dana White booked any other serious contenders against his rebounding superstars? No. He gives them a free meal, a soft comeback. And while I’m sure Josh thinks he’s got the ability to hang with Georges St Pierre, the simple truth is he doesn’t. Ignoring all the fluke losses of late, I think we’ll see the same Georges St Pierre who routed nearly the entire welterweight division over the past two years. And that doesn’t bode well for Josh Koscheck.

  • Fio says:

    The absolute truth, is is takes ALL of it to be a suusccsfel GYM.You also don’t become that way over-night,.. like Greg Jackson did.I honestly think Greg Jackson is both LUCKY and DIRTY. The guy came out of no-where and all of a sudden had SEVERAL champions from his gym?Nah, it doesn’t work that way. So there had to be drugs involved and crap like that. I know that with Jon Jones, he didn’t even LIKE Jones and ignored him until Jones started winning all of these fights.As for the rest of gyms like AKA,..Yes Koscheck, The partners ARE why you get good fighters,..But the gym and the money to run it, didn’t just pop up out of no-where.It takes hard-work from DEDICATED people that can NOT fight, but love the sport and want to make it better.You should think before saying garbage like you say, man.There are only 2 ways to have a gym that always makes champions,..The first way is to cheat, like Greg Jackson.The second way is through YEARS of experience, having the tools and knowledge to support the fighters.Giving the fighters the proper motivation AND training partners to learn new things and never letting them settle in to become comfortable .If you EVER get comfortable while training for a fight, you need to leave your gym, ASAP.It takes everything and everyone to bread REAL champions in a LEGIT manner.This includes your family at home and the support they give you, your coaches and the people that help to manage your diet, weight and everything else.It is a VERY complicated thing to do.If you didn’t like your gym, then you just leave, but don’t talk trash about people that helped you get where you got. You might not like them anymore, but just move on and try to make the best out of it.If any other good gyms see how you are acting towards AKA, they will NOT let you join them. I know I wouldn’t train you or let you in my gym right now.