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Koscheck vs Johnson actually co-headlines UFC 106

When Josh Koscheck tweeted that he had been added to UFC 106 as a co-headliner, we cooly and calmly suggested that perhaps Matt Hughes might be a likely candidate for his opponent. After all, Koscheck has been harrassing Hughes for the past few weeks and Hughes was pretty much the only top tier name the UFC had up it’s sleeve that could act as a cool ointment on our irriated Brockless skin. But for whatever reason – “No more ass-kickings to save UFC cards” being a likely one – Hughes won’t be facing off against Josh Koscheck.

Anthony Johnson will!

Sure, this fight ain’t about to shoot PPV numbers through the roof. But that doesn’t mean it ain’t hella dope. I’ll never complain when the UFC puts two solid contenders against eachother. Did Dana White go down to Joe Silva’s office recently and slap him around with a trout or something? Last month we were staring down the barrel of Martin Kampmann vs Mike Swick for #1 contender – that was a sad moment for the once mighty welterweight division indeed. But all of a sudden, Thiago Alves gets taken out of a pointless Paulo Thiago match and put into a fight against Jon Fitch. And now Josh Koscheck vs Anthony Johnson. Finally, some UFC matchmaking that means fucking business! Perhaps we’ll have a non-balls opponent for Georges St Pierre by early 2010 after all.