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Kongo slices Al Turk up

In an event without many juicy underdogs, I had some hopes that Mustafa Al Turk might be able to take Cheick Kongo out. After all, Al Turk is a wrestler and Kongo has been known to flop around on the ground like a fish out of water. But in order to dominate him on the ground, you gotta get him to the ground, and Mustafa wasn’t able to pull that off.

It only took a minute of striking exchanges before Al Turk gave up on the fisticuffs and started trying to drag Kongo down. Kongo did a good job of picking Al Turk apart early in the fight, and when Al Turk moved in to attempt a takedown, Kongo worked him over with knees and elbows.

The fight took a lame turn when Al Turk fired his own knee up the middle, karmically bitchslapping Kongo with a nasty ball strike. Personally I thought it looked a bit fishy … Mustafa was clearly frustrated with how the fight was going and I think he just kinda said “Fuck it” and threw out a low blow. A minute later, Kongo reciprocated with his own ball strike. Even Stephen?

The fight ended with thirty seconds left in the first round … Kongo came in hard and caught Al Turk with a looping punch that staggered him and followed it up with two more that dropped him on his back. Follow that up with a shitload of strikes up against the cage including three sick elbows that cut Al Turk open and the ref stopped the fight.

Again, Kongo tried to make his case for getting a title shot. Not like he’s gonna get it or anything, but I still find it kinda annoying that he’s banging that drum after wins against fighters like Dan Evensen and Mustafa Al Turk.