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Kongo from France leaves US management for UK

Cheick Kongo has flown the coop on Juanito Ibarra, joining Quinton Jackson by signing up with the UK’s Wolfslair. Here’s Wolfslair co-owner Anthony McGann:

“With Mike [Bisping] fighting so often in America, we made a lot of great friends,” McGann said. “Quinton had a split from his coach and he knew what a good job we did with Bisping so it was a natural move for him.

“His old management weren’t on great terms with the UFC, but we are very UFC-friendly here and have a lot of time for (UFC president) Dana White so we stepped in.

“It was the same with Cheick. He was having some problems negotiating his new contract with the UFC and was looking for somewhere to train so it was an easy decision for him to join his mates.”

Ken Pavia put an interesting article up on MMA Junkie a few days ago that said something to the effect of “if UFC management likes you, you’re not doing your job very well.” Sure, there are guys who take it too far like Mark Dion. But if you asked me which agent I wanted repping me, the guy who’s hugs and kisses with Dana White and the one who gets singled out by UFC security staff and harassed, I’d pick the dude getting harassed. Because he’s more interested in making me more money than in being all chummy with his royal baldness.

Say what you want about Ibarra (and his stupid ass hat), but I bet you he made more money for Quinton than the Wolfslair guys would have. Sure, he probably would have stolen the difference, but who’s pocket would you rather have that money going into, your trainer’s or the UFC’s?