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KJ’s MMA issues are actually boxing issues?

Past money, stupidity, and cowardice, there haven’t been many sensical reasons anyone could think of for why KJ Noons and his agent refuse to even speak directly with EliteXC. Now Jared Shaw has taken a few seconds away from spouting useless smack to offer up another possibility: Noons is pissed over getting dropped from his boxing contract:

Despite the fact that Noons was enjoying success in his MMA career, he was still very interested in pursuing a career in boxing and, according to Shaw, he and his camp felt Gary Shaw wasn’t doing enough to promote him in the boxing world.

“Mark Dion called me a month ago claiming Gary was in breach of his boxing contract,” Shaw’s son, Jared said. “So, I spoke to Gary about it and he said, ‘let them go fight somewhere else.'”

“(Dion) said that he was upset because Gary promised to build both careers. So, I said, ‘if you want to sue Gary or you think he is in breach of contract let me facilitate the process. We’ll still approve all future boxing fights…as long as you continue to honor your EliteXC contract.”

According to Shaw, the next morning Gary Shaw Productions released Noons from his boxing contract but he has yet to hear from Dion again. Amazingly, Shaw says he hasn’t spoken to Dion in close to a month.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this. Being the scumbag that Gary Shaw is, I don’t doubt that he might have given Noons a dud MMA contract along with a hefty boxing contract to make up for it. If Gary then didn’t follow up on the money side of the deals, that’d leave Noons kinda fucked.

This is all just conjecture on my side, and if it’s true it means whoever negotiated those deals was a fucking dipstick. It also doesn’t justify Mark Dion REFUSING CALLS from EliteXC. That’s just some serious high school girlfriend shit. She would never take my damn calls either. And then the police were like “She’s not even your girlfriend, she barely knows who you are, stop burning gigantic hearts into her parent’s front yard or you’re going to jail.” The moral of this story? Answer your fucking phone you bitch! We were meant to be together.