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KJ Noons is back

Remember KJ Noons? Stripped EliteXC lightweight champion, ducker of Nick Diaz, another guy who’s MMA career was derailed by agent Mark Dion (Dion’s other client: Brandon Vera), yadda yadda yadda? Well, he’s back and has signed with Strikeforce. So how does he feel about his time away and his return to the cage?

“I’m super excited to be a part of Strikeforce, and I’m looking forward to putting on great fights,” Noons stated. “I’ve always wanted to come back, but I wanted to box for a little while in order to polish my boxing skills. “Now, I’m ready to jump back into the picture in MMA.”

The polish Noons was mentioning was a 4-1 run in boxing … the 4 wins against cans with a combined record of 28-32 and the one loss against James Countryman, the only one of the bunch with a decent record (13-1). The cost of said polish? A title fight with Nick Diaz on CBS, the loss of his belt, the loss of all momentum from destroying both Nick Diaz and Yves Edwards (fighters that actually matter), and of course everyone calling him a bitch for the greater portion of the last 12 months.

Oh, and those hoping for a rematch between Nick and KJ … don’t forget that they’re in different weight classes now. Noons also originally said he wasn’t interested in fighting Diaz so long as he was making 1/3 of what Diaz was, but that was before a year of ‘polishing his boxing skills’ probably put a dent in his bank account. So now we have to wait and see if we get the fight we’ve been waiting for since Noons’ drunk dad tried to throttle Nick’s brother in Hawaii or if this just sets off another back and forth battle of words that leaves the entire MMA community with a terrible case of blue balls.