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KISZ (Keep it Simple, Zuffa)

While I’m not a huge fan of most of the non-Luke Thomas writers on Bloody Elbow (I only consider you-a scum compared to Lukey! See how you scum!), Michael Rome hits the nail on the head … or rather he hits the nail on the side:

Much of 2007 was characterized by overly long waits. Tito Ortiz and BJ Penn fought once in 2007, while St. Pierre, Hughes, Parysian, Griffin, and Couture fought twice. Much of the reason for the lack of fights is this supposed long term build that never really pays off. Penn was held off of cards to wait for Sean Sherk, and now it looks like the delay was for nothing. St. Pierre will have gone 8 months between fights by the time he gets in the Octagon again, all to protect the precious title match in Montreal. These long breaks just kill momentum and excitement for fighters.

Okay, lets ignore factual issues with Mike’s complaint like BJ being on The Ultimate Fighter. The point I agree with is the UFC is wasting it’s time with a lot of it’s biggest names. My biggest gripe is turfing guys so they can wait for a title shot … in other words, the GSP situation. I’ve already said it’s pretty pathetic that he gets another title shot after one win. It’s especially lame considering there’s nothing stopping the UFC from booking him again before he fights for the title.

There’s tons of other special case situations. Shogun Rua was signed in July and didn’t fight till October. Big Nog has been on staff since April and has only fought once. Werdum likewise. It seems like the UFC is getting more and more picky about when and where their big name fighters appear, and regardless of how sweet their plans might be, they never fucking pan out and we’re left waiting forever for dream matches that never materialize.

So please, for the love of fucking God … can you UFC peoples please stop making such elaborate bullshit plans and just let the guys we want to see fight … fight???

  • dignan says:


    Anytime you bring up the problems with the UFC regarding scheduling, I instantly think of the way Pride scheduled their events.

    I hope SOMEDAY that there can be the regular scheduled events, and have a corresponding Open weight tournament, culminating into a 2 fight semi-final/final on the same night.

    i.e. CroCop vs. Silva, followed the same night by CroCop vs. Barnett.

    Is there anyway this could be a possibility in the UFC, even if the open weight tournament was held in other countries where the fight sanctioning is different. i.e. Japan?

    This would be an amazing solution to the problem, as the majority of great fighters would enter the tournament, and give these star fighters the possibility of 4-5 extra fights per year.

    As I wrote that, I quickly realized UFC isn’t about what is best for the fans, its whats best for the UFC and protecting their investment.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    open weight tourney in the UFC? never gonna happen.

    i dont have a problem with GSP getting a title shot quickly. why shouldnt he? karo dont have nothing on him. jon fitch is boring.

    im a little disappointed in BJ Penn not fighting. this whole sherk ordeal is fucking retarded. strip his ass of the belt. get some fights going. fuck stevenson, match Penn vs Florian and let sherk fight for the belt when he comes back. Stevenson can fight the loser.

    if couture turns down the nog fight, strip his ass too.

    dana white is being a bitch lately. too concerned about the “he said, she said” bitch fight with couture to put on some good shows.

  • dignan says:

    Strip both of them and than have a tournament for the belts.

  • stellar53 says:

    don’t care about this article……..just give me the low blow…..

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    I can see where they’re coming from with gsp. If he doesn’t lose until Montreal, they have a guaranteed homerun of a fight- either a rematch with Serra or a rubber-match with Hughes. I’ll go without a gsp fight now for the promise of one of those later.

  • Who wants to see all these fighters, werdum, Arloski, Fedor. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Give me Houston Alexander every other month

  • Michaelthebox says:

    I think the fact that fighters are fighting less now has to do more with the fact that the UFC is trying to act more like a self-contained sport now, and hasn’t yet gotten the hang of it. A year or two ago, nobody would have given a rat’s ass that Anderson Silva has cleaned out the division. He’d be fighting Phil Baroni in February. Now everybody expects that Anderson fight a legit contender, and the UFC wants to cooperate as much as possible.

    Its damned hard to have a ready-made title contender for every title shot, especially with the talent pools still a little shallow (LHW looks like the only division to have #1 contenders lined up indefinitely). Having top fighters fight each other regularly makes it impossible unless the division is extremely deep, and having top fighters fight lesser talent poses a lot of risks.

  • Xavier says:

    “I’ve already said it’s pretty pathetic that he gets another title shot after one win.”

    At least GSP convincingly won that fight and even beat his opponent with his own game (Koscheck’s overrated ground game)… Hughes on the other hand looked shitty against Chris Lytle of all people and is getting a fucking title shot.

  • dignan says:

    It could be cool if GSP had to fight Hughes and kick that fuckers head in again.