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Kissing Fedor

A lot of people were laughing about the random chick at the end of the Affliction show who basically jumped Fedor like he was John Mayer at some trendy fuckhead club. So who exactly was this chick? Her name is Ashley Paige, and she’s a swimwear designer:

Ashley Paige grew up in Pansacola, Florida. At age 18 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion designing. She started designing and selling a small collection of bikinis while studying for her Bachelors in Marketing and fashion design. She then moved to New York and became a freelance designer.

Ashley returned to Los Angeles and launched her own line of lingerie and swimwear. Her bikinis have graced the bodies of celebrities like Kate Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Liv Tyler, Carmen Electra and Ashanti.

I’m not usually one to diss anyone who designs skimpy clothes for hot chicks or fights for the freedom of one of America’s sleaziest pornographers. But going up and molesting Fedor right after a fight ain’t cool, woman! However, perhaps we’re all too quick to write Ashley off as just some skanky chick going in for the sycophantic mack. If her goal was to recreate the Jean Claude Van Damme Yarennoka kiss, then that would make the whole situation pretty fucking awesome.

**UPDATE** Jackal Gong pointed out that this chick has her own freaking reality TV show on The Learning Channel. Which makes me cry, thinking back to the days of my youth when The Learning Channel wasn’t a TOTAL FUCKING OXYMORON.