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King of the Cage dude is … optimistic

Today is apparently “Hint that you’re gonna be on CBS” day. First Tito Ortiz comes out claiming that Affliction and CBS will be working together, and now King of the Cage’s Terry Trebilcock (heh) is saying this:

“My guess would be (ProElite) is not going to have to declare bankruptcy to stop (the auction),” he said. “My strongest gut feeling at this point is that King of the Cage, ProElite, and CBS will be working together next year.”

This is a pretty positive spin on the current Showtime / CBS / ProElite situation, considering Showtime is set to pawn off ProElite’s assets next Monday and ProElite is grasping at straws to keep that from happening. There’s a lot more sugary words from Trebilcock (heheh) in the article but I don’t know … you feel confident in what he’s saying right up to the point where he lets you in on that KoTC / CBS ‘gut feeling’. He might have well said “My gut feeling is the world ends in 2012 because that’s what the Mayans said.” Then you realize … shit, Terry Trebilcock is crazy. And he has the word ‘cock’ in his name. Hehehehe.