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King Nothing

Gifs by bloodyelbow user Jamie Penick

So King Mo and KJ Noons are cheaters, well we all knew KJ was a cheater. MiddleEasy and now Bloodyanus are reporting that Mo and Noons were using illegal compressed oxygen during their fights last night. What’s so bad about oxygen during a fight, I mean don’t we breathe the shit everyday? Well pure or nearly pure oxygen makes it so people can climb Mount Everest or swim 300 feet underwater… kinda super human achievements wouldn’t you say? Oxygen is forbidden inside the cage and until recently banned by the World Anti Doping Agency. Here is a pretty damning quote from the company that makes the canned oxygen.

If you, like so many other athletes out there, are seriously looking for something perfectly safe to provide just a slight edge over your competition and help your body perform at a very high level, canned oxygen might just be the answer to your prayers!

But what can you expect out of Texas?

(Update) Apparently the Texas State Athletic Commission representative told MMAJunkie that “It’s my understanding that the physician did consult with the ringside physician, and it was approved by the physician,” Stanford said. “It was within (the rules).” Also I was told by Kieth Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission that as long as the Physicians ok the oxygen it is legal to use.